Change position gave her pleasure

static sex position will only make people feel boring, we must learn to constantly change, give her a different experience.

Woman on top position

female on top is a basic > sexual intercourse posture, a sexual intercourse posture using frequency during sexual intercourse after the male host. Universal application of the female superior not only with the physiological aspects of the rationality of the relevant. The characteristics of the female superior is male passively, women’s is in initiative, add new life . In addition, the male body unwell, obesity or hope to reduce energy consumption when the sexual intercourse posture to meet the needs of.

in the female superior men have a special feeling, is from passive to active experience, he is in the experience how it fitted into is not inserted into the feeling, when women can fully grasp this posture, the body moves up and down in a repeated penis will leave and insert the vaginal , like the movement mode of inflator, so some book is like the female superior "piston movement". Women can freely control the depth of insertion and the piston motion frequency, so won the women’s favorite.

old practices: legs slightly separated, women climbed to the men, straddle in men on both sides of the hip, let the male penis into the female’s vagina.

(1) lean forward when women enter the rhythm, with the male pelvis, regional friction female clitoris. So women could soon reach

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