Change the environment to make sex moments reproduce passion

change the environment around us, we sex might moment you want to be good passion!

He helped put set of

in sexual process, in order to effectively contraceptive , US must is necessary for condoms . But you know what? In the same love , the same is wearing a condom, but in different ways, the sex of the results may have the difference between heaven and earth.

occasionally one day, you need to know to help a man to put on a condom, and not let him silently there wear. A woman as a man wearing a suit, one hand is this behavior to support a man, the other side also expressed their willingness to and before this he had " life .

music sex

may be in sexual life, like a low-key person always think sex should be performed in a very quiet, clean, no one disturb environment. Although this idea is not what is wrong, but you know what? We sometimes sex environment and not always so quiet.

the opposite sex environment quiet, we hear some rhythm of love songs when having sex, with rhythm drives our sexual love rhythm, in fact also is not a good way of sex.

using mobile phone

with electronic technology has improved, the majority of mobile phone today has more practical function. This time, because the mobile phone sex actually also has a corresponding change in the progress of.

this kind of change is that we use mobile phone video function, while having sex while video, we then have sex can also watch their sexual pictures via mobile phone screen.

don’t feel feel shy, actually this kind of lovemaking really will be very exciting, but also very likely you because this stimulus instantly

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