Change the offensive strategy to his offbeat passion

sex is a wonderful thing, through constant friction will make people excited. But as the contact time increase, the excitement will gradually reduce. Then the female can change "strategy", re awaken husband sexual passion. Here, 5 coup teach women, let you he groaned again and again.

, with a gentle body calls him


man has a childish, sometimes pretending to be asleep. At this time, do not hurry to wake him up, try gently touched him near his body, slowly, then hugged him and rub his body. If he had the guts to pack to sleep, you can turn to caress themselves, and gently moan, until you’re reaching the , and then climb to the husband. As long as he is a normal man, I don’t believe he can sleep.

two, Qianqian jade hand to ease the fatigue of

woman’s hand, slender tender boneless, for the tired man, when such a hands on the body kneading pat, can drive away all the fatigue. So, might as well when the husband busy, learning a few tricks massage method. Just can deal with always tired man, very effective oh. When he was too tired to " " time, you can help him massage, but part of the massage is the sole. Plantar rich in nerve endings, some of which are connected with the sexual organs, gently massage the soles of his feet, can let him feel the hitherto unknown pleasure, this time, you still worry about him not pathogenic? You can also make some small bad, will Yilan fragrance combo massage oil into the hands, give him a full body massage, certainly must pay attention to the key parts of the massage oh.

three, hazy colour added temptation

of hazy aesthetic feeling, always give people the true partly hidden and partly visible, fairy like feel. So, make sex add dim color, is more attractive. So, usually not drink you’d be a little drink, slightly drunk not only for your cheek adds crimson, as your eyes added hazy beauty and gentle beauty, so that you can release and radically different perceptual beauty and magnanimous.

four, give him a "steal" sensations to

man delights in the game, as the woman on the same shopping crazy. But in the affair before, any man will surrender. So, when he again to see the ball, you must create a " to give him the affair of ". I worked in >

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