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sex position all kinds of. Before Japan a so-called postures forty. Who was sumo’s basic actions, evolving into basic forms of sexual behavior, again accompanied by interesting titles, making sex full of imagination. As long as willing to each other with a bit of effort, can be derived from the basic type of variations of countless.
the more like normal postures of people, even some people think that the other asanas are variable. Strictly speaking, the normal position is not the most natural position method. According to legend, the ancient Egyptians, inserted from the women behind, is a universal method. The Greeks prefer female upper body method.

irrespective of the choice that asana progressive movement, this is all lovers of freedom. But the human be preference, so, for the movement in a way, can bring about sexual behavior of the formula, and then think sex is boring, and gradually fade between each other’s emotions.

understand the characteristics of various postures of

      to make life rich, may wish to know the various postures, to try to test the nature of mind, also have not cannot. Such as asanas described. Two people can determine the atmosphere and time, face-to-face asanas, or on the back of asana; reuse lying on, sit to stand, stand, come in the form of packet with. For example: the man lies on his back and the woman sitting, lying down and the man woman sitting, or lying on side and sat with each other etc.. Of course, these are interrelated each asana derived.

through asana is different, the penis and vagina contact angle is different, so each kind of body posture will bring different stimulation, together with the breast and the clitoris, anus sexy belt caress, can get the composite pleasure.

to make a long story short, postural change method coupled with the caress, can extend the area of sexual behavior to.

Changes of

in normal position method

first to normal position method the penis into the binding, while women with knee cross shape in men’s waist, and together with the male sports, rhythmic motion waist.

soon, then women’s legs on men’s shoulders, while men took the opportunity to transfer position, the upper body of the female trend up, it becomes the front seat position method. Female tight panzhao male neck, men around women’s waist, use this kind of posture, female male down, into half a asana, male breast, clitoris, strengthen the caress of thigh, gradually speed up the rhythm, make the female excited backward. Moreover is the men stood up women’s waist up, became a waist high posture. At this powerful moves down by men and women. Changes of


two combined with lateral mode, the man held up the woman’s legs, the upper body upward, again with knee kneel way transfer position, at this time to right angle motion, after >

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