Closet work his virility sex new tactics

he likes in the narrow and small car, the department store in the toilet, or filled the cargo warehouses, " love . Even at home, she would rather abandon comfortable beds, pulling her boyfriend went to the closet drills. Neither ventilation, and pitch dark place, do the thing what would be fun? Then one day I’m skeptical also pulled her boyfriend one try, not to the closet nest in the size of the Ping Li, because the air circulation, the two began to bipolar up, covered with is the sweat of our almost break out.

but when her boyfriend side appease my mood, while kiss my face shed sweat, now will I desire burst out. Although every two doors have move back and forth, I still can burst waves YN, sex in no one will know the place.

it was a pleasant experience, but because the closet space is too small, so should not be in action is too large, it is best to koala Baofa, male the female slowly, to avoid collision injury. Perhaps it is because of the way, let two people tightly embrace together, so the size of the space or the air flow of the wardrobe in the circulation problem seems to have been less important. Although the space fractional I only to fail the edges of 59 points, but in the stimulation and freshness, quite worthy of recommendation for the natural instincts of man to do reference.

since may not installed air conditioning in the wardrobe, wardrobe to increase can not be, it is recommended that want to try in the closet lovers practice body softness, using some caress of small action to increase interest; a steadily own temper, don’t because of a sultry will easily give up a good location. In the closet, in addition to do that sort of thing, also can try to take a little flashlight, about intimate whisper in it, listen to the heartbeat and breathing each other, share the mood of the day, increasing the concentration of love each other.

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