Conventional missionary sex positions can also be the most changeful

most people life will be used when normal posture, also is the "missionary" type position. Missionary position is a kind of simple and easy to carry sex position. Above this kind of body posture way is " in women, while women are most often do is to use her legs wrapped around the male, or prop him up or do some kiss, touch and other things. In this case, the male

however, missionary sex position no other position that exciting, but very practical, very simple. Moreover, the frequent use of the same kind of posture, will make men and women also have tired of feeling. So, need to use other position to enrich life. However, in addition to the most popular missionary position, other position and cannot be accepted by all. Many have some limitations; moreover, a lot of people don’t know how to add "new tricks" to skills no concept. How to solve this problem?

in fact, missionary position although very simple, but contains 4 kinds of morphological changes. For not too many skills, or dare not easily knowledge of other positions for friends, changes of 3 kinds of missionary position is very useful.

3 changes of

in the missionary positions

, control

woman lying in bed, men kneel in between their legs, upper body upright; both hands to hold the female ankle or leg, make the female legs into "V" word; men use this posture complete control of genital contact degree, white feet like two supporting remote control rod, men hold it can be stretched, separate, closed. However, using this position to consider the female leg ligament stretching degree, in order to avoid injury.


three, the bosom embrace type

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