Cool pose chive recruit enjoy sex

just remember the correct posture and skills, the same can safely enjoy sex.

– "rowing type" sex

let him lying on a comfortable and sturdy chair, feet slightly open, and then you sit cross above him, face him, after the knees, feet toward his chest open, and support. Let him take your hips or thighs, you hurry back, began to move back and forth.


typical female on male posture, you can control the speed or looping action, because the two sides are very close, at the same time kissing or caressing each other.

– "pedestals" sex

he sit cross legged, you face him, sitting in his middle, legs slightly bent around his hip, mutually catch each other arms or back, and move back and forth, speeding towards the climax.


the two sides can also control the speed, first slowly, suddenly speed up or strengthen the depth of insertion, and then slowed to prolong orgasm before pleasure. The position and form a relatively easy to stimulate the risks of nuclear angle.

– "starfish" sex

let him sit on the ground, his hands from the post supporting the body, feet comfortably straight. You sit on his thigh, back to him, with knees bent and splayed feet, feet touch the ground. When sexual intercourse, let his risk stems as moving slightly circling, while tightening the muscles of your dangerous road.


you can continue to play the dominant role, and get a more stimulating the G-spot angle. At the same time, and can use both hands to stimulate his testicles, he also can touch your thigh and other sensitive parts of neck.

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