Cougar Essentials let a man straight and not destroy the caressing skill

many men feel their female partners are patted their when the penis is not enough skilled, woman’s hand itself looks so thin, that also appear in the catch when the weak man penis. They seem to be afraid of hard, but often in the inappropriate when pulling, disrupts the rhythm. Obviously, in women who should have a correct and comprehensive understanding of caress.



was the first to be considered is the size of the problem. About penis size always has a variety of discussions, when it is more genetic depends on the ancestors. In fact, the extent of human sexuality, is really a waste of time to spend a lot of effort to study this problem, a large phallus and will not give women bring more physical pleasure, unless some woman born heart hobby customers.

shape? Butt is curved or straight as an arrow? In fact, mainly depends on whether you hold hands, whether can fully grasp it. So you can to squeeze them whole. But don’t pull a pig in a poke as accordion. To gently, but firmly. If the size of the penis is really beautifully, with two hands touch the suggestion, in order to avoid missing which part.

Every inch of

properly excavated penis, men like his penis woman worship, play music, teasing, touch and massage, let him know that you are not scared, shy or disgust. At the beginning don’t pull, may wish to feel its full. Then you can use your fingers from the has been touched testis glans, and then slowly across the back from the other side of the testis, action should be short and coherence, don’t stop.

now you will gradually accelerated, but still don’t give pull or tap, may wish to tease out the sensitive parts of the penis. Including some soft place most of the glans, bentonite and at the base of the penis.

handles out flat, then slowly clenched at the top of the rotary motion of the glans. Just like you want to open the Coca-Cola cover (not pull the tank), believe that your men will be happy to moan. But super sensitive glans, this move will bring its exquisite pleasure. Maybe he’ll face pain, scream, or even want to open your hand, but he is actually a second stint your hand away. Now you have to continue to work even if he asked you to stop.

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