Cougar in bed please ten rules for each other

        because the life the lack of experience, many female in bed do not know how to please themselves and the party, in order to solve many women lack of understanding problems on sex , experts put forward ten principles, to help you in the sex more can get into the state.

      don’t ignore the other portions of the

of the man’s body

      usually, men seem to be without any foreplay on direct access, and enjoy. Actually this is the misunderstanding. Touch and tease will make men very excited, because women do, equal to say how much you like his body. Some women are too shy to action, but definitely not a " male don’t like women do, so just do, immediately get visible effect.

      touch and tease is very simple, as long as fingers through his whole body, especially the inner thighs and breasts; sometimes a touch of as a teaser. In addition, women can also use the hair and eyelashes, tongue increased flirty effect.

      don’t be afraid of sexual fantasy

      a woman admitted: every time she and husband love , imagination is having sex with Leonardo. This kind of imagination makes her excited, and the husband also because of her wild action and get happy. She don’t think that is what relation, but she can’t really and Matt Damon affair.

      experts say, fantasy is health , because it is not only a great power, but also occurred in the fantasy thing >

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