Cougar must know 7 sexy Secrets


tips: Sexy amorous

loving will not old. Will young beauty. Duras said, if one day I am eighty years old, came across a man, I hope he can say to me, at the age of eighty, you are more beautiful than a eighteen years old. Indeed, she had a small her twenties fell in love with a man in her old color bad, and be most willing to accompany the elderly and sick of her.

if placed in Chinese woman, this is hardly see elders scandal. Conversely, it is also a sexy woman let a man can’t resist the charm.

Sexy Secret 2: Eighty also don’t rush when the bride

you have a look, the world was the one and only woman sexy, whether it is Monroe, Madonna, or Sharonstone, which one is for love and eager to do the bride?


character of a woman, at the age of twenty, met the first love of the man and said to her, if after one year, he hasn’t said he wanted to marry her, or approval book, was unable to hold oneself back to ask: we get married, I don’t deserve your love? Because the character of a woman afraid of the village, not the store.

however, sexy woman is man mad for her she was not in a hurry to do the bride — innumerable love her man, she doesn’t know marry powerful men good or married the richest man in the world? Is to marry her love or love her? Is married marriage should the child’s good also is to marry a lifetime don’t the child good? Is to marry the nationality of the good or to marry foreign good? So, the eighty year old also don’t rush when the bride. Because, if she wants, she can do different men every day the bride.

Sexy Secret 3: pleasing rational

this is more pleasing natural ingredients, not man-made components, similar to Hetian jade, is the work of god. But if artificial ingredients of words are in the majority, this component molecules will gradually into — to show off.


man inside is pleasing, not one of ostentation. Show off a false suspicion. Then, someone else will be coupled with a coquettish two words, you have a look, completely changed taste. However, natural is not the same, that Yang Yuhuan is good, if she is not a natural ring of fat, it is not possible from the daughter-in-law’s role becomes fatherinlaw’s confidante.

her every act and every move are distributed to female breath, she never worried about his " breast is B>

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