Cougar sex tips let two people sharing a climax

men love Cougar is inevitable, not only to the man Cougar feelings, life care, in bed has enough charm, can let two people are satisfied. Want to charm a man’s heart? It is necessary to know how the man in the bed. Quickly learn the following out of the sex skills with Cougar.

remote flirting

if not face to face, you can flirt, after all, now technology is so advanced. Whether to send him a letter of hot mail, or send a yellow message, or a phone call to hint, are very good tips. Such as phone calls, can be in when the man most unexpected play into the phone, you can send sexy coquetry, said: " I miss you ", and then hung up the phone, let him finish.

active love

woman can occasionally give missish, initiated sex offensive bold, " positive men will challenge. And because the women’s initiative, the man will go to all lengths launched onslaught, give you unlimited passion. Need to pay attention to is, not too often, don’t forget the macho man, then stir his lust, you will enjoy it. Don’t grab his life initiative.

transform and position in

man no matter what position, as long as the Choucha, can get pleasure. While women are different, in order to let myself get more pleasure, women may wish to try the female superior. The female superior is the woman is the most easy to climax position, but also the male hand liberated, caress on female , bring more stimulus.


strip also has the very strong temptation, not dancing women also need not worry, as long as you slowly swing waist, slowly undressed in the music rhythm >

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