Cougar to hold ten of the life skills

      href= "" rel= many the lack of experience of life, do not know how to please themselves and each other on the bed, in order to solve many women lack of understanding problems on sex , 126 small make up put forward ten Dajian righteousness, to help you in the sex more can get into the state.

      1, do not pretend to


      to please men , some women can be very realistic fake orgasm, the man can’t tell. But in doing so, they did not think about the long-term consequences: if not happy but faking an orgasm, is undoubtedly the next time he let men continue to repeat that the wrong action, because he mistakenly thought that way can make women happy.

      a woman had such experience: her partner forcibly knead her, to make her orgasm, but she was very pain. She feel shy to tell him, the way he was so rude, so he pretended to orgasm, so he stopped. Unexpectedly, after each time he used this rude way to rub her, making her more pain, finally, she could not endure, to tell him the truth. This makes the man blow, and the women also very regret, if a began to say what is good.

      2, don’t ignore the other portions of the

of the man’s body

      usually, men seem to be without any foreplay on direct access, and enjoy. Actually this is the misunderstanding. Touch and tease will make men very excited, because women do, equal to say how much you like his body. Some women are too shy to action, but definitely not a male doesn’t like women do, so just do, immediately get visible effect.


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