Create a egalitarian sex bed posture

some people say, " sex of men and women are not equal in status, often in women in men, men, women are essentially sex toys, and even sex slaves. In fact, this view is one-sided. Sex, this is the need to distinguish between sexual positions, such as horizontal side sex, do not have this boring "unequal" concept.

in the sex side horizontal is a kind of sexual intercourse use a lower frequency of sexual intercourse posture, but it still has a unique advantage, other sexual intercourse posture can not completely replace.

horizontal side is the biggest advantages of both sides can be completely bedridden, equality between men and women, can save energy consumption, so it is particularly comfortable, can whisper, if have a quilt cover on top, like a normal sleep, even with a naive child sleeping beside him, also not be exposed, is romantic.

lateral several transformation, first couple face side, husband and wife legs can cross, sexual organs to contact; women will legs slightly raised, " male cross at an angle of ninety degrees in the buttock, sex organ to the greatest extent contact, inserted into the deep; the male abdomen contact with female back, like back in, the most commonly used method, many women like the side back in, male and female body can be in full contact, male women sexy buttocks and abdomen soft contact, also can hand touching the female < u> breast and clitoris or kiss women breast, women are fully in the feeling of being loved in.

if women don’t want to consume physical strength, this is an excellent way to sexual intercourse, some of the elderly were more willing to use this sex position, insert a long time, fewer tic, make both sides in the experience of insertion and included, be concerned with love and romance and romantic of the combination, and even some people not to

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