Different women to use different skills

woman tender and cooked. First, not very experienced. As long as her vaginal wet enough, must come up thrust onslaught. First, it will destroy. Intermediate must pause, let her feel intense pumping just now. You can also take the opportunity to relax into her vagina ejaculation impulses. Then, another fierce stab.

do such a touch, " women’s must be lying up. male straddle in women below the chest, put the put the penis between the breasts, waist before and after exercise. Men hold hands on both sides of the outside the breast, breast to the warmth of penis. Of course, women themselves keep a firm grasp on the breast. Face a little carried forward it, women with the tongue licking the penis, the penis tickles.

the penis and breast relative caress, also known as the body of sex . Do a little change, also can consider men face up lying prostrate, women in the male between the legs, with the breast with the erection of the penis. In the body of sexual intercourse, the male semen contamination by using female breast movement, to experience a sense of conquest.

called "refers to the climax of excited state of sexual intercourse, for men the pleasure comes with the moment of ejaculation ejaculation, and after the pleasure will end, and immediately return to the original state, but for women, in her climax the >

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