Difficult sex posture test your courage

single feet shoulder, a bold buckling position method

"suspending method" is subject to male generally welcomed, the method is women supine and male normal postures, while men in the progressive movement, slowly the body upwards, hold time and atmosphere the women’s feet, into his body put. At this time

of course, in the normal position method first pull the penis, and raising women’s feet can also.

at this time, can see the female sex organs, with the visual brings a sense of excitement. While women are staring sexual organs and shy, but also cause the excitement.

women in some abnormal posture, may obtain the not in the ordinary position in the law of pleasure. Like "the further development of suspending method", is back on the bed only half of the woman, the man is close to the edge of the bed to support each other’s body weight.

energy-saving method and its application is beneficial to pregnant , gently insert the


energy-saving method is both men and women are lying on the side, and the female from behind accept insertion of penis.


method is the male to female behind from hugging each other, if in the right side, left hand can freely, so be gentle caress female’s neck, abdomen. Because this asana, do not allow women to participate actively, but to fully accept the man caress increase pleasure. After the penis during foreplay, insert the vaginal , slowly inserted, in order to turn the upper body slightly, will leave the men’s location can be decided with depth and motion degree, if is still inadequate, men can use the right buttock lift the upper body, use the left hand holding the female thigh position.

Advantages of

this asana, women to alleviate the burden of many, on the lower abdomen and

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