Do not erect can enter love skills

          in fact, love not necessarily must let the Y stem fully erect, sometimes in half hard half soft state can also be

          here you pay how incomplete erection can love .

          sexual intercourse before

          you may wish to adopt sitting face to face sexual positions and in women, because it is more appropriate than the normal position. First of all, in male upper body lift, two knees bent slightly open, tiptoe son established. Secondly, gentle open back women’s legs, use empty hands index finger, like tied gypsum as appropriate to grip the stems of Y, then the rest of the finger side peel y crossing, a slowly into the. As long as the partner is not y crossing hard virgin, even if insufficient hardness equivalent, using this method can still insert.

          sexual intercourse in the

          all after insertion, female legs will stand to your shoulders, with students posture, the body slightly forward, so, soft y stem can just Ju (qiè y), and can with road entrance is vertical, after the adjustment of Y stem it is not easy to disengage the Y channel. Remind: if there is a ready before sex Vaseline, like emulsion lubricant, will be easier to insert


          sexual intercourse after

          next, the male should be one point one point plays waist, remained in that state for a while good. Although originally "

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