Dry spring, sex how Moisturizing

Linda and her boyfriend, Sam together for 2 years, have been very happy. However, recent her frustrated. Last weekend, she was on a business trip a week just to return to Beijing, at 12 p.m., and Sam from the bar to return home, to his skin, Man and a Woman. But, how she can let oneself body excitement, moist. She became more and more nervous, more and more impatient, cannot let him continue to deal with.


finally, she had to make Sam stop.

Sam little disappointed, right back to sleep. Linda was unable to sleep, she kept asking myself, hope to get the answer: This is the past never happened, all the time since, my body is very enthusiastic, whenever this time, will be very moist. Is it because I no longer love Sam? Do we really make me tired? Did I become
sex ? Can’t, I will go
love ? She even began to fear the next * * to come. And next time, was repeated in the same situation, Linda began to tense, what are the reasons that influence their feelings with Sam?

– something confidentialDrying event

once let Linda almost lost "sex" ability, in addition to the Linda psychological endurance is too weak, moisturizing "sex" is so important for a woman. In fact, once in a while " vaginal drying is very normal, because most of the female sexual arousal disorder because of anxiety, depression, psychological or drinking smoking after the normal physiological reaction, not what the big deal the only change, life habit, to relax the mood, will soon return to normal state. So, completely unnecessary, like Linda, think too much. Because of the natural physiological impulses is original, in the * * in the process, more women joining the worry, anxiety, mood of fear, the more can’t free perfectly, so, Linda will repeat the same situation, not better.

In the "cool"


data showed that the relevant departments to investigate: the female vagina >

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