Ecstasy! Privates peristalsis paragraph 3 will learn skills

no matter is the perfect sex is the perfect love, we have a rule is to do it yourself, have ample food and clothing " ". So, even if it is not the right time, we should also like our sex idea, I believe as long as their hands-on, play small tricks, sex is the same can let you always enjoy it. The following is a summary of Xiaobian Aida people " practical results ", come and enjoy it!

1, the rapid pull plug method

change speed, can this little change will bring me a great feeling of excitement. So, absorption through the skills, we are also in the life change your speed.

the first thing to do is to start withdrawing and inserting faster and usually no difference, when your behavior makes each other think that you would still like before, then the love , sudden onslaught you will let female people instant desire fairy die.

it is important to note, in order to reduce the negative effects brought by the sudden onslaught, we’d better use a little cherry fruit human lubricant, the lubricant after smearing privates, will let the woman’s private parts such as spring water it moist by……

2, do not plug in no hurry method

around us, there are always some sexual love Master made its way around. So, we have learned the tricks and not the same as above – not inserted is not urgent method.

remain in the woman’s genitals penis before, can use her clitoris, labia glans dawdle such as privates. But remember one thing is not pumped into vaginal . Is it right? Consider this very strange? In fact, such " " fishing; sense of >

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