Elegant romance really is have no alternative against one’s will

The first light so dim. Pyrotechnic gas on the opposite the living room into a happy picture of dense. The night of the particles in the melted, clear the air becomes so ambiguous. Ambiguous people, lonely is.

don’t know is which time picked up the telephone, she didn’t dial the mouth will grow into leaf number. I just need a little warm, she told herself. Her shoulders, feel like a as in the autumn leaves, quivering.

remember to vent their anger on the blog. She said, tonight she would find an unrelated men, in the empty their wide and two meters long two meters bed spoil love.

is out of revenge, was the real psychological? A lot of boring people come in a throng, every message color language let her suddenly woke up. Only a man with other people is not the same.

he said: in fact, to find such a man is afraid of is not an easy thing to do. Handsome, you are afraid of his illness; ugly, you have no feeling; understanding, spoil can not meet again? Do not know, spoil you give money to him or he gave you the money? So before not ready, your two meters bed first to enjoy their own good? Leave a QQ number.

, she felt very touched. Moved over, and snapped his smile: but a trap, flaunt their own different, also for accounting for a talent showing itself position in the woman’s heart.

you think so? Are you? Do you dare to stand out and let me have a look what you like. Fallen woman like splashing water, can you come back? She added his QQ number, started hurling geological asked.

that night they talked a lot. The content of light was a bit like bleeding sky, so pale. She just think those words like a bunch of flame, out the window the moon, such as snow, she was the text slowly roast.

The original

chat can also with this pure state of mind. Even if the other side is a camouflage, it is also the most beautiful disguise. Women’s sexual need help hot feeling.

yea flirtation continues. One day two day three day, is an old cycle. Finally one day, she could not endure the impulse in the heart: let’s meet good? Met again how? Have it your way! Fight each other over a bad bad laugh. How is go to bed

Fox’s tail finally come to light. She laughed. Then scorn each other until the blacklist. She wanted to, even if that should happen, also need her to take the initiative.

never met so informed one man. The network is a lonely bustling field, the people inside their own to create ambiguous, then slowly being ambiguous kill.

she is a burst of constantly looking for, looking for its own QQ plus a lot of men, silent look at their performance, and then drag the blacklist permanently deleted.

life is turned around in circles "

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