Enjoy the continuation of orgasm peak skills

      introduction: husband and wife sex life can not fall in love in love " sex that kind of touching, love of love when the energy is always surprising be nothing difficult, several times a day. But the married couples sex life is to fight a protracted war, in order to avoid the emergence of excessive case, frequency and time control and selective life is very important, otherwise, harmonious sexual life is just empty talk.

      a harmonious sexual life,

to make sex life harmony, both husband and wife should understand the basic knowledge, especially to understand the difference between normal male women’s function.

otherwise, husband and wife can not mutually with the tacit understanding. To sum up, men and women function has some differences as follows:

1, cycle of menstruation (generally at around the time of ovulation and menstruation early higher libido). Few women in premarital sexual weak or not, after marriage, in the course of sexual life, sexual desire was gradually enhanced.

2, male sexual impulses occur faster into the pleasure, began to show sexual intercourse

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