Enjoy the exchange of sexual climax the initiative

Goal setting

, worked for

husband and wife life has its own characteristics. The two sides jointly formulate relevant the frequency of sex and sex position and other aspects of the plan, contribute to both communication and understanding, promote the diversification and interest in sex.

constantly improve skills

players will never rise head and shoulders above others remain stagnant. Learning new skills to help keep the couple interaction enthusiasm. If a sex style after several attempts still fails, might as well in a new way.

To improve the ability of


things change, abnormal situation may occur in the process of movement. Sex, also may be unexpected, confront them, and trying to solve.

learned to communicate

sex as double completed sport, both tacit understanding is the key. Therefore, couples should communicate their feelings, strengthen communication and understanding, to jointly deal with the problem encountered in the sex, improve the quality of sex.

face failure

sex should "win without pride, to lose with grace". Believe that tomorrow will be better, first you don’t succeed, try again next time.

accept cannot change rules of

is not completely free sex behavior, it has certain rules. If these rules can not be changed, so might as well accept.

keep in mind the importance of breathing

Respiration of

have an important role in every movement, sex is no exception. In the process of sexual passion, breathe more smoothly, sex is better. Try deep breathing exercises, will let you ability enhancement.




love women need to work together to complete the two sides, both sides should consider the common benefit, rather than their own. Both sides unite in a concerted effort, will be overcome with lust.

Exchange Initiative in

in the process of movement, if always in a passive, do not have any opportunity to gain the upper hand, so will inevitably lead to the flat and uninteresting. Sex. Men and women moderate alternating initiative, will give sex to bring more fresh.

Skill comes.

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