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The Davis Cup today Guangdong war the Olympic men’s basketball team rising popularity coach Wan Jun Cui and noble attended the conference of the Adams cup Guangzhou Daily News & nbsp; (reporter & nbsp; Huang Wei & nbsp; Cao Jing) & nbsp; the Stankovic Cup Basketball intercontinental match in the absence of Guangdong after a year, will once again return. From today to August 7th, Adams cup broke out in Qingyuan. Yesterday, Dejan Stankovic intercontinental cup basketball tournament organizing committee held in Qingyuan City, chengwanqi, founder of Davis Cup, also appeared on the scene, he of the Davis Cup said is looking forward to, and hope that the Olympic team to play the wonderful performance. Stankovic cup is currently held in China by the international basketball tournament in the highest level of the international men’s basketball tournament, to this year is the eleventh. While the Guangdong and Sri Lanka cup has a very deep origin, in 2007, 2011-2013, Guangzhou, a total of 4 times to hold a cup. Last year, the cup was held in Luoyang, but again this year to return to Guangdong. The national team to the European tour, China Association organized the Olympic team to participate in this year’s cup. The Olympic team in the just concluded G8 basketball tournament, even a negative, two wins in Iran, degree of popularity among fans is quite high. The Chinese team’s opponents have New Zealand, Mexico and venezuela. It is reported that this came to China in the New Zealand team is definitely a genuine national team, they in the Davis Cup after the end, on the 15th of August in Oceania basketball championship. And men’s basketball team in Mexico and Venezuela also will be on August 31, goes on an expedition the FIBA Americas championship, the two teams is probably the national team squad, strength is not vulgar, the Davis Cup will be a session of the fierce confrontation of exciting events. Event venue Qingyuan City stadium hall area of 1350 square meters, maximum headroom 19 meters, 4178 audience seats, has repeatedly held basketball, badminton, table tennis etc. major competitions.

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