Experience is not inserted into the pleasure

              in fact, people in the pursuit of sexual behavior to insert as the center, has entered a misunderstanding, make the
the way to reduce sexual life, fun and decrease in.

sex the desire does not care a woman, when thinking sexual intercourse only reflect the attentive and friendly. Men are afraid of women, if not show man glory, more worry, more "Rimmon a shot" poor play. Because people are concerned about how long can make original romantic, harmonious sexual life becomes monotonous, with
functional disorder couple sits more tiredly anxious city. In fact, even with

the foreplay? Especially the male very easy.

              they cannot erect, thinks he has no dignity in front of women. In fact, many women do not necessarily need to insert the sexual intercourse, communication and emotional touch feeling is also very good. The key is for men to overcome inferiority and shame, so it can give women happiness and bring joy for oneself. In the process of psychological counseling and women encouragement is very important. Below we introduce some suitable >

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