Experience the quick and hard fierce quasi extreme sex sex, make the best use of techniques

        ancient civilization take sex as an immortal spiritual practice, India’s most historical Sex Bible — "Kama Sutra" (Karma Sutra), depicting various all sorts of strange things to love the body posture, lets the modern people in the pursuit of sex of new tricks, still from time to time to take the ancient classic "fine", from the these "old time" into a "new tricks", add the boudoir of fun. Request quickly accurate sex man, might as well use of actual combat experience, on the basis of each round of the reaction, the continuous integration of improvement, created a set of static and dynamic one sex techniques, give her a quick and hard fierce quasi climax to enjoy.

Ascending woman on top

wants to create a stimulating sensations, the men and women of posture can make women more satisfied. The man was supine posture, let her sit on your lap to sit cross legged on the way to her hands, you have to prepare the penis head stride, guided by her into her body. This action led by women, for men and the habit of always active women, both sides can enjoy the pleasure of hitherto unknown. The man lay work can appreciate each other copulatory organs, and in a host of women, by active offensive accurately adjust the posture, contribute to the G-spot to multiple stimuli.

Blindfolds blindfolds

blindfolds with more pleasure than closed sex! Closed sex visual sovereignty still speak to himself, but when blindfolded, the whole world will enter the dark period; you need to borrow by touch or hearing to identify the range. When brought blindfolded after the mysterious experience an itch for a try, One’s blood boils with indignation! Because to pay no heed, other sensory perceptions are thus become keen, ordinary affairs will create a hitherto unknown surprise, form the best erotic stimulation. Can exchange blindfolded, experience the full control of the other body, and pleasure is controlled.


up cosplay

beyond the reality of life limits sex, very attractive. You can play with her doctor or patient game, borrow grounds for her treatment of body, inquiry dialogue, caressing her and want her to answer honestly feel. Or by you as the patient role, she was reincarnated as a nurse, to "emergency room". Both the police catch the thief, even the clients and the prostitutes various subversive role can try each other, more into the situation more stimulus, you’ll find out Cosplay game, unexpectedly unspeakable pleasure! > > > rough sex also let a person get drunk

Erogenous Zones erogenous zones

love is the most taboo immutable and frozen, the biggest culprit long greasy is not to seek a breakthrough. "The skin is the body’s largest organ," sexy belt differ from man to man, targeted organ starts although quickly, but contrary to expectation touch, often have amazing stimuli. Don’t let her out of your moves, like the contest vs., although Wushu routine to follow, but more can reach the acme of perfection more hanging >

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