Expert 3 tips for women to become active

          "the men say sexual desire than women much easier, so in amphoteric relationship, of love is mostly by men initiated." Recently, the British sexual relations expert points out, sexual love, let a woman become active, need to guide and help the man.

          first of all, for the shy in women, men should be more patient, slowly inspired her lust. As with her like perfume, give her a passionate clinch and gentle massage, when her sexual desire is up, the man can be deliberately stopped, until the "forced" she gently say demand or show initiative.

          secondly, to help her to eliminate the sense of shame, to say more words of encouragement. In many cultures, "sex is a taboo," a good woman should not offer of. In this regard, the man should tell a woman: "we are the most intimate lover, can you tell me any of your needs." Don’t criticize her "coquettish" her heart, otherwise there will be obstacles, will not relax.

          finally, leading to her in action. When you intimacy, gently said to her: "I love your hand in……" "My dear, if you can… I’ll feel better. " After several times, she would know how to express her desire for sex with action.

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