Expert the most wholesome sex position inventory

quick type (Quickie)

benefits: weight loss

tutorial: you have many opportunities to surprise attack, in her watching TV, the telephone and so on, when no preparation. This by accident cause excitement will make you more crazy, every 30 minutes heat consumption can be as high as 120 calories, if high tide can also add 40 calories, close to the degree of


side entering type (Spooning)

benefits: exercise of pelvic floor muscle

guidance: decide one of the key factors for ejaculation strength is the pubococcygeus muscle, namely PC (pubococcygeus), which is responsible for stopping micturition muscles. The daily need only stop peeing intermediate relax again several times, through the practice of contraction and relaxation can enhance its strength. Of course, more comfortable way is to exercise the side entering type love . When she lay on her side, enters from behind, and contraction and relax your PC muscle, make her orgasm, your PC muscles more solid, more intense pleasure.

The female superior type


benefits: exercise abdominal and back muscles

guidance: the other side in the above will be relatively active, and you can save some energy, you only need to lie on your back with legs straighten naturally enjoy her enjoy. But as you grow more involved, will can’t help to not jump, then lumbar abdomen muscle you will effectively exercise.


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