Extend the time method climax ejaculation before pause

            keep moderate fen. sex state can be divided into 4 stages, namely, , the climax subsides. Want to extend the

          in Man and a Woman, do a brave and battlewise fighter is each male dream. Investigation shows, men in love mean adherence time for 5 – 10 minutes, while 71% men hope that I can perform even better. At the same time 39 Xiaobian summarized some relevant information according to the needs of men, enumerates some could significantly prolong the time method.

          "do exercise". Do some exercise muscles, such as in micturition time intermittent stop injection, count to 10 and then continue to urinate. In addition, you can also at his desk, driving, contraction of

      against the clitoris, don’t pull plug. Two human body completely stalemate, with the root of the penis against the partner’s clitoris. The initial action can be gently, feel the subtle changes in the stillness.

      there is a clear object of sexual fantasies. Can you imagine a partner passion when the appearance, this will strengthen the sexual impulse, can keep 15 minutes

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