F zone male JJ the most sensitive regions

passion society, our understanding of knowledge is not just stay in the only "G-spot" era, the more to understand more of those points and region.

women often manufacturing climax appearance, but in fact it is failed to enter the state. There are a lot of href= " vaginal drying, pain felt led to sex , can not enjoy the sex .

of these conditions may be resolved by women that hidden point A. Some were less likely to feel sexual stimulation of women pointed out, if the A bit is stimulated, the vagina will be easier to produce lubricant. Just hit the woman’s A, her libido will soon be provoked, and vagina in just 5 to 10 seconds would be wet, and can enjoy many

and the so-called A, refers to > of uterine cervical a little distance, in the vaginal wall on the sensitive area, and by people indulge in elaborating on the G spot, is before A point, near the cervix place. Although only a little gap, but give women bring totally different sensation.

if you want to stimulate the A point, the best position is the man enters from the woman behind, this position comparison can be deep into the position of the eccentric within the A point.

F area is male

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