Fangzhongshu women studies.

AV actress charm, let us into the love before and two parts to discuss the love. How to love before the AV actress regardless of her career, figure, face, mostly appears pure and innocent, and generally conservative clothing. They mostly or shy, or innocent walking, standing, sitting. If you are a gentle by nature, and a pair of pure implicit eye in women, it would like to congratulate you, at least in the first impression, you can easily get male identity. In fact, no matter how, woman’s character. The point is, do you know the man in front of, let a man "fatal charm disarmed sporadic


woman, no matter how strong and independent, in fact he was a woman. We is not to suppress the independent women’s free and easy charm, but found that many women in the modern camouflage strong. Not like the dodder flower that woman is gentle, true gentleness should be aware of the charm of character in flexible release. In the world of feelings, understanding heart, let a person become soft. When you are able to fully share the value of their own, know how to pamper yourself, don’t let yourself get too tough, finally can become a brave can also gentle true woman.

another AV actress strengths, they cry, a lot of men for AV customers professional groans, are reaction, female energy-saving indeed has aphrodisiac effects, makes them more march forward courageously, mustering their efforts to show. Then the skills, many people watch porn objective, hope learn some skills and posture. Various changes in posture, is many couples see important learning project porn when. In fact, the actress bid, they will be energy-saving, was able to "conquer" man, is not the most important position, but their privates enough firming water embellish. Because the privates compact water embellish is sensitive, so that they can get adequate sexual pleasure, so selfless groan. And the grip force "private parts also can let the man through the Supreme joy.

AV actress revealed, they in order to have a compact water embellish privates, will be ongoing training, some simple Wahaha movement can let them to prevent aging, increase muscle flexibility privates private parts.

according to the bid, AV customers will have women privates care specialist is their private parts maintenance, contribute to the contraction of vaginal , eliminate toxin, nourishing

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