Fascinating glimpse awaken passion


between the couple that thing, after marriage, most people seem to have become regular course of official duties, also forget enthusiasm and passion at the start, so how to let sleeping sexual awakening? Have a look below to understanding of the sex flirting awaken passion.


Mr. Du this year 32 years old, as his age, should say is when sexual desire exuberant, but he often as pretty as a flower lady aside. Unable to bear the lonely wife not only asked some of the same age and sisters, but also bought a lot of erotic books to study. "Kung Fu", really let her find a secret weapon.

that evening, Mrs. Du wears a transparent pajamas, sprinkle a little full of Oriental perfume on the body, put down the day up cloud, half half the charming face in inclined down in your hair, and then holding a cup of reeky milk, came to was in the work of Mr. Du side. Drink the mellow milk, Mr Du to his wife, sent to the affectionate glance, suddenly was lady beautiful sexy clothes touch to delude one to folly……

in real life, many have slack in couples living together for a long time, resulting in the loss of their joy and sweet. Du Taitai in order to coordinate the href= " of the of life, out of a secluded romantic trail. Her unique style lies in giving full play to the role of sex of body language between husband and wife, in silence to her husband and his sexual desire arouse transfer. Yes, soothe the nerves of milk, charming fragrance do not let Mr. Du emotion?

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