Fast wake-up tips for men and women desire

love is a need to take care of things, you must spend idea wake up each other’s desires, takes the thoughts in the process of doing, let a person feel comfortable, let each acquired run. Thought is not to let you not art to explore their own, but the use of conscious learning some skills and proficiency. Today Xiaobian female private words and man or ladies sharing quick arousing desire tips.

Tips for

in male desire:

1, remove the sensitive areas of the skin. In order to improve the sensitivity of her husband, might as well try to remove the dead skin around his chest and neck. A wife can skin scrub, then in these areas, massage gently lap.

2, don’t ignore the man’s foot. A man’s foot is extraordinarily sensitive, stimulate the soles of the feet can trigger different parts of his sexual impulses.

3, should not be underestimated by the wrist. The inside of the wrist, the delicate silky man, is an easily neglected sensitive area. In the sex , wife can kiss, touch the area.

4, magical beads. Find some smooth beads, put some lubricant in the above, and then the sensitive area in the husband gently rub, it is a massage to relax, can quickly to arouse sexual desire.

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