Feed one’s sight on creative life of husband and wife

two at a time as changeable as clouds and rain, repetitive movements, repeat the procedure, to repeat the feeling, feel more and more numb?

12 "interested" and creative people, disclose its own exclusive secret – how to make themselves more sexy , how to keep between two "" the interest is full, how to let each time passion more full of creativity and originality.

small originality may greatly improve your relationship, and make the other memorable hard – you sexy.

01, she tied my hands, and then asked me to undress her mouth. How could she think that. But it can not be denied that this game is very fun. – Mr. Wang, 30 years old, registered accountants

02, his girlfriend wear sexy underwear, dancing in front of me…… Put on music, and invited me. And the two men wearing underwear dance together to warm up. – a JOE, 27 years old, senior translation

03, because the husband and the separation of the two places, so every day I self time digital photos to him. Of course it revealed, even… Naked. So he would not have to look at other things to satisfy the physiological need. Also, I want to let him see how I as he slowly getting old. – Fung, 27 years old, the bank clerk

04, while she and I love , while a fictional third, in a sexy voice reminds me of sexual fantasy and illusion, as if I really in 3P games. – strong, 24 years old, college students

05, he prepared a two small towel, wet water, two people each containing a. In the following sex, two full didn’t say a word, a sound didn’t call. Some depressed but also contribute to the night of passion, make us very memorable. – Miss Li, 28 years old, host

06, my birthday, he bought a double rocker home. At night I both lay shaking sloshing to while sex to swing side rocking in a rocking chair, a bit dizzy, like drinking wine, very special. ——Sabina, 26 years old, the lawyer’s assistant

07, Valentine’s day, we separated the two places can not be together. In the evening I went to the bar. Suddenly she called me, told me to go to the men’s room. Then where she was at the other end of the phone in a sexy voice seduced me, my body very quickly responsive. – Big East, 33 years old, the insurance company manager

08, once his girlfriend and I play a game, with >

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