Female sex culture of uterus


    today we explain cultural courses, of uterus. A woman’s womb is the female life places, so the importance of a woman’s womb self-evident. So let us look at female uterus.


    located in the pelvic cavity central, a pear shaped, inverted front back flat, slightly prominent, adult uterine ca. 7 ~ 8cm, width 4 ~ 5cm, 2 ~ 3cm thick, the capacity of the uterine cavity is about 5ml. Uterine upper wide, uterine body, the upper end of the bulging part, called the uterus, uterine bottom on both sides for the horn of uterus, fallopian tube is communicated with the. The lower part of the uterus is narrow, cylindrical, called the cervix.

    is a hollow organ cavity of uterus, covered with mucous membrane, called the endometrium, from puberty to menopausal , endometrial affected by of ovarian hormone, has the periodic change and produce menstruation . sex , uterine sperm to a fallopian tube channel. Pregnancy after uterine for embryonic development, a place to grow. Delivery, uterine contraction, make fetal childbirth and its appendages.

    in the uterine cavity is a narrow width of the triangle, the narrowest part is formed between the uterine body and cervix, uterine cheek, in non pregnancy, length of about 1cm, the lower end is connected with the neck of uterus cavity. The neck of uterus cavity was prism, called the cervix, adult women is about 3cm long, and its lower end is called the external cervical orifice, connect to the

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