First I would like to make out with him.

after graduation from the University, because the scrambling to adapt to working environment, has no boyfriend. A lot of time are used on the Internet, and finally through the chat know the ocean, because I talked very speculative, and he soon met. I think I am very interested in him.

he is a gentleman, and a woman meet every time they offered to pay, when having a meal, will take care of people, think he belongs to the living type. He is from the south, he said that he will not what they cook, where men will cook. I like this, because to see his plain.

comfortable around him. A month along down, I have to give the second half of his life feeling. See, he also very much loves me. Our relationship is getting closer and closer.

one night, we drank red wine on the outside, two people drank a bottle of. Both of us are cheap drunk, drink a little dizzy. He took a taxi to take me home, to my car, him down. And then she asks me, willing to please him to drink a cup of tea. I promise. I actually want to later more with him, and not what too many ideas.

remember that December is the coldest day in the home, and he didn’t say a few words, it started to snow. The snow let us both very excited, wine also wake up a half, we looked outside the window the snow. Really quiet, snow so wanton dancing in the air, while the ground is white.

he hugged me, we four eyes relative, he began to dear me. At that moment I feel very romantic, just like the movies, I temporarily some illusion, like I really in the movie. Our dear for a very long time, he took off his clothes to me, but, because of the tension because of it, have not been very successful. He explained, said he this is rarely the case, perhaps because and I was the first time.

I was completely his explanation irritated. I repeated speculation his words, he said rarely has this kind of situation, will he and many women have? This question makes me very angry.

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