Five after entering type of passionate sex

            you still will be immutable and frozen sex posture and worry? Today 126 health net for you to explain sex posture in the five into a type of passion, for everyone reference.

          1 into a type of supine potential man lying in bed, while the woman sit on it, so long as men can comfortably support women’s weight, this position should have been successful, because he can also used on the woman’s clitoris caress massage. For the of pregnant women, it is worth a try, it obviously on your belly and the body will not cause any pressure. The man might as well in the women who painted some massage oil, " breast , shoulder and the place such as the abdomen, if you apply the contraceptive sets, please don’t put the massage oil mixed in the. Another interesting approach is to use a vibrator, women can hold its own, will be placed in a near the clitoris and vaginal massage.

2 into a type of prone potential woman lying in bed, legs apart, man by riding on her lap. If you want to easily insert, suggested in the women’s abdominal underlying a pillow. Many men found in this position to grasp rhythm is more difficult, because the is very easy to slip out of the penis vagina but must be re aligned into. A little patience, shallow shallow into at first, until you got to control section >

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