Five note to orgasm

uses a delay


currently, method man to extend the sex time is easiest to use the condom . All the market can prolong sex time condoms, almost all contain paralysis glans sensitivity ingredients, for those premature ejaculation who undoubtedly not a good method. Moreover, the use of condoms and contraceptive method is simple, effect, this kind of thing, why not?

foreplay let women with fast excited

A method of

to let girls excited also reached wave of , to female female enough foreplay, foreplay can use dildos improve libido. Can eliminate the between you and him at the climax of the gap, so that you can be more close to the synchronous climax.

pay attention to the choice of

sex posture

for men, sex is an absolutely energy consumption of physical work. So try to choose those more labor-saving gesture when life , can effectively extend the time intercourse, horizontal side, the female superior and so on are a good choice. Women occupy the active position, not only can increase the pleasure, but also can effectively relax male muscle, to extend the time to. Do not choose the best male host such as posture, muscle tension > men keep

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