Five ways to improve your sex life

now, many couples have been on the "asexual life". They think, in addition to the work, there are a lot of things to do. So, unconsciously ignored the feelings between husband and wife and sexual life, reduced to a "economic animal". But according to the British "Guardian" 7 reported earlier this month, the famous British sexologist Lucy? He thinks, no matter how busy, people are to enjoy sexual needs and rights. At the same time, she was featured in the "five magic weapons", help busy people to enjoy the "sex".


1. help high-tech weapons cell phones and e-mail may reduce the opportunity to talk, but to enhance sexual desire, but can have the opposite effect. Often to the technician a passionate SMS, can keep the gluey condition. But note that sexual messages only in the "you know I know, others do not know", can play the role of. Therefore, the lovers can compile a set of only belongs to own "password", use it to express.


2. is looking for new sensitive human there are many untapped "sensitive area". For example, many women’s waist has an extremely sensitive region. As long as men can find it, and continue to be stimulated, can quickly and easily arouse her libido.


3. learn how to use eye contact all sex experts agree is necessary to communicate, but they also point out, too much verbal communication is not necessarily a good thing. Because the male the ability to express emotion, really not how. Therefore, the lovers can learn to communicate with the look: closed eyes said "I enjoyed the" micro frown, said "this is not good", "I’m looking forward to wink representative".


4. role-playing disguised himself as a courier, nurses, nurse, star, it will receive unexpected results in sexual life. But for men, unless the lover clear like being "towards strong, rough", otherwise don’t get like a warrior. In general, women tend to gentle and considerate caress, not rough, straight into the theme.


5. game play this kind of game constellation is not scientific, but very interesting. Busy people can buy the "constellation" and the like book, according to the above requirements and steps, enjoy the "sex" things and love.






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