Flirting tips is sexual life happy

life a good start, is the basis of life, is also an integral part of them, flirting can make sexual life more perfect and harmonious.

come and applied techniques

kissing, caressing the hair side, ears, neck, back, with one hand from the waist to hips, groin, energy-saving, and on the other hand from ventral to the sexy belt and go.

at this time, if the stop hand caresses and undress the words, is extremely spoil the fun things. Therefore, still continued to caress, to undress. For example, a single hand touch the breast, skirt on the other hand it can pull down the zipper. From the neck and kissed his hands shoulder, available solution to the bra hooks.

can self study how to hand can not stop petting, but to fade clothes skilled. In addition, must not according to order off, say without his shirt off before the first solution to the bra hooks, thus, anti can bring female more exciting feeling.

kissing and caressing, side side hug, intercede, and then gently faded her clothes. Some male entered the hotel, is unable to hold oneself back faded women clothing, hug, when the lack of experience in the watch each other’s eyes, will make women’s passion cooling fast, so have to pay attention to this point.

in order to not hurt the female self-esteem as the principle, to the gentle kiss slowly began to create an atmosphere. To try the in the preparation of sexual behavior, some women will care because their body odor and fear, shilly-shally. Date, or sex before love, some people will take a bath first, but in the feminine charm, not an easy to neglect is the body odor. Effect of body odor have inspired men instinctively. From your hair, >

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