For a change to raise his blood Ben stimulation

In the process of sexual life of men and women are equal, not just women need even the desire to caress, men are also eager to woman’s touch. The man’s privates is the most sensitive area requires a certain skill, caressing hands together use lip. However, touch is to pay attention to skills, can learn about the most women want to caress.

        generally speaking, hand hold the penis are carried out, combined with the actual movement, especially in the effect more around glans. However, the same actions brought the same stimulus, lack of interest. Contact with the penis body parts of the skin, or in the telescopic motion with circle movement, a little effort, than only node penis part stimulation effect is good a few times.

        rubbing friction pleasure from the upper and lower, and the extrusion pleasure is due to the penis is holding, but being hold oppression and relief, whether it is on the lower rubbing or hold compression, can give men the strong feeling of excitement. Usually, no matter the woman in what way to stimulate his penis, men will feel very happy.

        back to the top, hold, and relax, then after a short while, she can start to change her action, strength, grip and rhythm, she can change from up and down movements into to the top (glans) action, she will hand to push up, covering a man’s penis, next, don’t push down, and in the top wandering knead again push down. After that, she could repeat this action several times.

        when the man’s pleasure gradually aggravate, she took hold of his penis, and pressed continuously and relax. When she finished the action, can use the mouth to live his penis; remember, with lips cover the teeth, to avoid damaging it, and then, she began to suck it up and down. She can sometimes slow down the speed. When her mouth down move back, her hands were clenched at the lower end of the penis; when she raised her head, her hands were followed up, and when her hand to push down, her mouth also follow down.

        her relax throat again, holding the bottom lower end of the penis, back rub. This action can help man to control ejaculation, because unlike vaginal intercourse so strong stimulation.

        furthermore, while caressing the penis when available, while another hand or lip gently oppression pudenda.

        male nipples, also due to the stimulation and erection. Therefore, male tit is very good sexy belt. However, yet to be developed, can be said to be hidden erogenous zone. Thorn >

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