For the love of the woman’s mouth should be carefully

  the man was a woman oral sex, first of all should pay attention to the woman pudenda cleaning. A woman’s genitals relatively than men lower body to easily dirty, dirty woman when the genitals, not only clean, but also a great smell. So, women had better take a bath before oral sex…

          a woman’s genitals for men, is the most mysterious place. A lot of men exposed to women when not, on a woman’s sexual fantasies, the pudendal imagination is most intense, she reminds men unlimited reverie, feel strange. Before the social closure time, because there is not now a variety of level three VCD, the album filled, unmarried men knew few of women’s bodies emotional, so the woman pudenda daydream more intense. But in the real would be denounced as "puppy love", accused of "style is not good" society, this kind of pudendal daydream will only cause more intense sexual impulse, with sexual impulse can only own the most primitive method to solve the masturbation. Open society now, even if a man did not really come into contact with customers, but through a variety of small film, picture album, the man also can advance a glimpse of pubic true colors.

          but it will make a man more longing for the woman pudenda, more want to feel real pudenda! So for men, either before or now, woman’s pussy is the most mysterious, is also the most exciting! Because of this, to kiss make woman’s pussy with his mouth, for a woman oral sex, is a man like was willing to do one thing! Of course, men to women oral sex, in part by the man’s "moral" caused by the.

          a woman’s genitals, mysterious and charming. As a man of you, if you had never contacted the woman, since the beginning of a sexual fantasy began to women, you may have to the female genitals to yearn for a few years or even decades. Usually you strange in the dream of the scene to see many woman pudenda. When you first really see the woman’s pussy, you may doubt whether I was dreaming (as in a dream you dream of a woman’s genitals many times), is not it will quickly disappear. The woman pudenda fuzzy dream now clearly really showed you, you will be very excited, you feel a long-term accumulation of total outbreak! Will you no matter whether a woman pudenda have peculiar smell, if not suitable for oral sex, you will use your eyes look carefully, you will use your lips to kiss the pudendal every inch, fear like a dream will suddenly disappear, you will truly feel pudenda!

          you will be the whole people drunk in there, so you forget all the troubles, you will feel you to another stage of life! If you often.

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