Four embodiment croon her sex kitten

in sex , generally is the girl couldn’t help moaning. In fact, if a man can appropriate sound, to beat all of the woman have aphrodisiac effects. If a man can make good use of the following four kinds of sound, will let the woman as the incarnation of sexy small wild cats, hard on you, you will enjoy an incomparable passionate sex.

Call her nickname


lovers, had a number of nicknames. The man might as well as women in a hot nickname, specifically for erotic nickname. When you are in bed together, inadvertently shouted the exclusive nickname, to her ears blowing hot air, the name gently, soft voice, will make her passion.

a man have to shoulder

sound in sex , generally is the girl, we call this activity " our ". A woman’s sexual vocalizations, very can stimulate man’s flesh, can let the man agonistic.

in the same way, a man’s sexual vocalizations can also stimulate woman, let a woman blood surging. The man in the daily life, is a pair of man of the play, there are bitter, tired never said, would keep the. But in the life , will not endure the necessary. Comfortable moan come out, it is a must to woman, if a man can’t help moaning sound, it is a great encouragement to women and stimulation. Women lust will naturally high.

listened to her two voice

sexual intercourse

when sexual intercourse, body friction of two people, plug in the process, there will be noise. May women rarely pay attention, because at that time, women generally indulge in sexual desire. The man might as well let especially she listen to two people lovemaking, it is a Symphony played the two into one, not a normal woman can not sensitive to this kind of sound.

playing her own vocalizationsBetween

lovers, husband and wife, recording some sex video, audio >

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