Four tips to make your practice full sex

some people say "habits" will make the orgasm becomes low, mean we used to have sex is not to change the natural, immutable and frozen, make sexual desire is slowly reduced. To avoid falling into the trap of low mood, needs to change, from and most closely related to sensory began, and then is to strengthen the consciousness of the communion, and a lot of practice, you’ll find out sex is wonderful.




you want to be a man of great interest? You want to have a better sex life? Want to say goodbye to low desire in trouble? Or it is to want to let the other half to increase sexual desire low desire? These problems are not difficult to solve, because sexuality of ascension is to be learning and exploring, through these senses, consciousness and communication practice, will help you rekindle the spark of sex, arouse the depressed long already sexual desire, increase the intensity and frequency of sex, but also enjoy the climax brings pleasure!


vision: don’t think love most of the people with his eyes closed, do not have what relation should be and vision, visual stimulation and sexual desire is greatly relevant, eyes used to pass love waves, and wave intensity will affect the level of sexual desire. Most of the men on the visual stimuli can quickly response.


exercise 1: ogle



with gentle eyes and lover, let him know how much you need him, give him a little suggestion. Lovingly silently looked at him, let him feel your fire of enthusiasm.


exercise 2: eye flirting


erotic eyes most can provoke lust, show your soul body skill, try it and see how high is your radio index.


exercise 3: let the other person’s eyes eat ice cream


sexy dress is passion, can wear sexy clothes to provoke each other passion, let oneself more be beautiful enough to feast the eyes a little.


exercise 4: lit a candle love


let the lights dim point, or the point a candle to increase emotional atmosphere.

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