From the problem of how to adjust the fatigue


core tip: husband and wife after several years of life , various postures are estimated to have one one try, but your sex did not find back up my passion and wonderful.

you only need to add a little, a little very small, don’t bother to learn, it changed a little bit different, can let those who previously static things be different. They can quietly potential changes your life, let you feel the happiness of swaying, like you married the world, enjoy all the "sex world". Now teach you two — "love renovation" and the ready availability of some small tricks, let your old sex new face.

: preheating imagination

don’t take sex as a bed to do, in my mind the preheating imagination, can let you have one of the longest and most free foreplay. And the brain a blank to go into battle, is full of all kinds of information of the brain apparently can quickly be excited and enter the state. Let your mind start to generate new ideas, the brain fast trick allows you to do completely different.

preheating imagination can you any time, eat, walk, ride, even when the work, a few seconds across the screen will not affect what. Anything you can you see anything, thought, and association. Of course, don’t run amok, don’t too long, a few seconds, tens of seconds. Imagination is not too clear, ambiguous and obscure more suitable for preheating passion.

in love process can also be brain preheating, one is to imagine your body. Do not think your legs or abdomen into what kind, but imagine you most sensitive point is wonderful and everlasting, think it is beautiful quivering, played the perfect pitch. In the spirit of doing it, the arrival of the final high tide will be like a real singing so beautiful and exciting. Another method of brain preheating is on what you are doing physical activity are metaphorical imagination. He was gently tapping your body, you can imagine the rain, the cat’s footsteps, tick >

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