Funny sex law make most couples yearning.

if I say to you, love can also be very funny, you probably think I’m kidding you. In fact, this is true, love does not necessarily passionate, sometimes funny sex will make the human body and mind yearning.

cases of war

you are using what kind of condom condom? Sometimes the effect is contraceptive , touch and the influence of different condoms can also bring different! Particles, thread, special shape. Put on these materials is different from the of the penis condom when you enter her vaginal , condom friction to the vaginal wall feelings inevitably different! TIPS- latex condoms nemesis: oily liquid used to smooth with smooth liquid condoms when to choose the water smooth fluid, and non oily, due to oily smooth liquid will destroy the latex material condom.


says who do like must by man master? Do today like, surprisingly unexpectedly put his hand with a scarf tied in the head of a bed or above the pressure in his head, and then climbed on top of him, attitude and velocity with you like please me. He won’t so do not feel comfortable, but is your music will let his passion in the Oh! So, let him be your like prisoners!

the quiet before the storm

tonight as he pumped into the first half, taking out the penis, smooth and fluid in a woman’s clitoris, vagina and his penis painted enough, then change to the method is fast, fierce pumping. This intense, surrendering type of love and always gentle, relaxation type of love than up, is different experience on both sides. Occasionally tried again consequences ensure let two people surprise!

shaking game

massage stick can be used in addition to the woman, also can be so please href= "

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