Grasp the best opportunity to enter the sex

love must grasp the Yin stem "into" the best time, method, angle. This will be the pleasure, to give a woman run.

"into the" time

sexual intercourse before would often spend time doing enough "foreplay", warm caress, intimate kiss, will stimulate the Yin tract secretion of lubricating fluid, if the Yin channel is not wet, said the woman has not reached the excitement, good time at this point is not inserted. If this time forced the Yin insert stem words, will make the woman pain.

so before sexual intercourse to make sufficient foreplay ready, if love fluid secretion is too small, can be used to complement the saliva in the caress. When female reaction, naturally will both legs open, so that the man is easy to be close to their yin. At this point, " male can insert the logical.

flirting style "enter"

for skilled men, they must know how to use the desire of the woman pace forward, when you feel a bit urgent, you can temporarily pulled out. This way can increase the desire for sexual contact with women, also is to give a woman a little taste "sweetener", and then back again, in order to induce women greater love desire.

after flirting style "insert" at this time, women in all cells of the body has been burning up, Yin secrete love liquid, genital quivered vibration, showing thirsty expression, inserted into the waiting Yin stem. At this time a man can to comfort woman sexy band, while slowly inserted into the penis, and to push back in rhythm melody. When a woman’s desire to obtain satisfied, newer and more intense desire will continue to produce. In this way, the woman finally get

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