Grasp the natural dream first kiss


must first understand this fact: when the two exchanges into the first kiss stage, will be somewhat awkward and unnatural, if not, it will not be a first kiss. However, there is the following several principles, can let you dream of this moment ripe.

1, stay calm:

many people are full of looking forward to their first kiss, in fact, the more care, the more nervous imbalance "letting nature take its course, keep cool" is absolutely unchangeable first points.

2, two lipses connect:

let your lips pressure on him, then slightly open mouth (of course there are teeth!) Your tongue will touch each other. Let your tongue with his gentle moving, and close your eyes…… At this time, you can put a hand on his chest or waist, or between fingers in his hair waver.

3, adjust the breath:

kiss, most afraid of breath, especially in the deep kiss, kiss enough, breathe more easily. Remember, in a breathless slowly close your mouth kissed his face again let two lips. In this way, Wenshang several minutes.

4, warm response:

in order to make the first kiss after ease some of the atmosphere, reducing the blank time kiss it after a short, you can smile to him, or clenched his hands, said just kiss really wonderful.

if the first kiss is not as good as you previously expected so romantic, so don’t upset, first, inevitably missed, use the above tips, let you kiss make a spurt of progress!

finally you need to remember: the perfect kiss only movie to see, everyone has their own way of kissing, no right or wrong, as long as the heart to feel on the line.

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