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2015 – China Jinsha the upstream fired 2015 China – Jinsha contest is about to contest the upcoming national upstream shots. Sponsored by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, Guizhou Province Sports Bureau and Bijie City People’s government, Jinsha County People’s government, Bijie City Sports Bureau and Guizhou Provincial Mountaineering Association hosted the "Shuyang agricultural products" cup 2015 China Guizhou? Jinsha River in cold water the upstream competition is on July 25, in the beautiful scenery of the Jinsha River in cold water Kasai. By then, there will be 25 teams from nearly 20 cities in the country to participate in the competition. It is reported, this is after the 2014 Jinsha River in cold water scenic successfully held chess national invitation tournament, China Rally Championship and the upstream competition held a national level competitions. As one of the ten line upstream, the location of the cold river scenic area tourism brand rising degree, 2014 Lengshui River scenic area is the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the National Tourism Bureau and other units of the joint Award for "China sports tourism scenic quality", 2015, cold water from the River upstream movement base and the upstream competition was included in the project of Guizhou Province health industry. July 25th, "Shuyang agricultural products" cup Chinese? Guizhou? The Jinsha River in cold water upstream competition will be kicked off again. Through the layers of screening out of 25 a good team will gather Jinsha River in cold water area, teamwork, torrent Yong Jin, waterfall climbing and rope skills show in 31 km upstream on the track, also enjoy the cold river "cool clear water, the original ecological, stone quiet Qidong, songbirds trees" magic charm, athletes will be here show their wonderful skills, also rich in Jinsha County agricultural products exhibition will also for the event to create the atmosphere of, advocate healthy outdoor, green food and environmental protection. Shuyang agricultural products "cup 2015 China? Guizhou Jinsha River in cold water the upstream competition, show both mountain outdoor sports infinite charm of the contest, but also show the national mountain outdoor sports elite athletics level and sands rich mountain resources competition. The competition will be the water of the river in the summer of the river scenic area of summer tourism and then lift the climax, to achieve "Sports", and actively promote the Bijie City, Guizhou Province, the development of sports industry.

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