group vice chairman Liu Yongzhuo after the event for Gao Lin speak

Always take the simple punishment too difficult for Gao Lin to ban waste? Panjin Liaoning Hengda guest service, Gao Lin was a fan of the whole field, the family was humiliated. He made a slap celebration after scoring second goals, and then heard the more hysterical swearing. After the mixed zone, Liaozu fans in the one meter outside taunted him with his family, Gao Lin couldn’t help fight back, to take his shoes and threw it to the fans. Out of the China Football Association suspended 5 Games tickets to Gao Lin. Former national team captain Li Weifeng, Hengda coach Scolari, group vice chairman Liu Yongzhuo after the event for Gao Lin speak, bluntly Football Association punishment. It was also issued a more rational voice, such as Li Yi (micro blog) said: "for the away fans the best riposte is to ball sent to the opponent’s goal, you have done a good enough, as public figures have to endure some gossip…" Calm after, Gao Lin heart still can not accept such a punishment, but he also reflect on, he said he was not in good mood. Li Yi has experienced the national football fans of ridicule, loneliness and injured, but he survived, so he was deeply aware of the public figure to pay what price. In other words, the rule does not allow Gao Lin to the same as the football fans. That is the price. Fans and players have a lot of interpretation: fans and idols, consumers and performers…… Fine In the personality, everyone is equal, the fans and the players are the same, the lion and the mouse are the same; the law, everyone is equal (theoretically), and the mice and cockroaches are the same. But for public figures, the behavior of the restricted area than ordinary people. Liaozu fans called Gao Lin, the whole curse, the sound is so large, in TV audible to all, equivalent to ten thousand people at the same time to Gao Lin vertical refers to, but Gao Lin but not vertical refers to fight back. This is merciless provisions of world football, because of ten thousand of ordinary people in a negative effect, maybe more than a public figure of a dirty word. Fans curse is the quality of the problem, but there is no one institution can be responsible for the quality of ordinary people, as long as he does not violate the law. But the quality of the players, the football association and other regulatory agencies to restrict. Performers and consumers, itself is an unequal game, players at any time you can’t get the themselves as ordinary people, otherwise you really have only been to ordinary people’s life — the next month, Gao Lin without in every weekend evening in front of hundreds of millions of fans to perform, then put up with abuse or accept worship, he could coax her to sleep, have a happy ordinary father. The realistic environment requirements of public figures is very hard on herself, to endure the ordinary people are unable to endure, because of the goodness of human nature is only one of the words.. Human may basically good, but not always are good, the occasional evil, often the object first is a public figure, and then formed a a restricted area for public figures. Gao Lin could not respond to those dirty words, and no one would say that he was weak, because the lion did not need to fight with the mouse, but should not bother to fly. And since he chose to fight back, it is bound to bear the consequences. No matter what reaction he made in the moment, we have to respect his choice, but we won’t yell, Gao Lin is innocent Zhen

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