Half sex can make you interest soaring

    don’t be too monotone of the penis, combined with the actual movement of extension, especially in the effect more around glans. However, the same actions brought the same stimulus, lack of interest. Contact with the penis > parts of the body skin, or in the telescopic motion with circle movement, a little effort, than only node penis part stimulation effect is good a few times. Furthermore, while caressing the penis when available, while another hand or lip gently oppression pudenda.
female, a male nipples found unintentionally, will be due to stimulation and erection. Therefore, male nipples is a very good sexy belt. However, yet to be developed, can be said to be hidden erogenous zone. Stimulation of the penis at the same time also nipple caress, can let the male experience compound pleasure, for women, is also a kind of happiness. On the stimulation of the penis, in addition to the use of hand, women in other parts of the body can also be used. For example: axillary. Alar itself excitement will itch, and armpit hair and body odor, either visual or tactile sufficient joy can be created on the local. The penis under the armpit, friction, oppression of the campaign will give the penis unusual sensory stimulus.

breast to the penis stimulation put his penis in the breast is one of the penis between, stimulation method. Such men love from the standpoint of words, is to stimulate the breast movement, and stood in the female standpoint, should be to the penis touch, with each other as the game features. Do the caress, women must be lying up. Straddle in male female below the chest, put his penis between the breasts, waist before and after exercise. Men hold hands on both sides of the lateral breast, breast to the warmth of penis. Of course, women themselves keep a firm grasp on the breast. Face a little carried forward it, women with the tongue licking the penis, the penis tickles.


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