Hand massage sex drive women crazy input

in its hand, crazy and reckless. Come and enjoy the massage strength.

Y lip massage

will hands placed on lip Y complete lubrication after the above, the fingers toward the direction of rubbing buttocks, to the navel, with alternate hands. Now use your fingers to explore inside and outside Y lips. Gently pulling one side, then the other side. The use of the fingers and thumb rubbing her Y lips gently, then within the Y lip.

will be your palms on her small hills that is Y hair students strengths, fingers gently placed in the Y on the lips, the thumb are respectively arranged on her inner thighs. Action gently hand on her small hill, and circular motion. Your hand is not too much contact with her skin, and movement in the Y hair, repeat this action ten times. Now the finger tapping her Y lips ten times, to a rate of one per second. Pay attention to light, not to shoot the mosquitoes, or you will hurt your woman. Now handle back her on a small hill to rest for a while. Then repeat the previous circular motion and pat action.

finger action

1,2,3 will index finger into her private place, the thumbs – up stick Y pedicle, now you can make meaning of imagination, do all kinds of drawing and inserting, twist action, you can even the vibrations to stimulate her palm.

gently a finger inserted deep into her Y user, when she was ready, and then insert another root. Will your thumb against her anus, but don’t plug in, but your side activities in Y households in the fingers, the side with the thumb strong according to the place.

Y users massage

woman in two ways: through the injection of Y fine G-spot stimulation and stimulation through Y pedicle. Many a woman Y behaves more sharply and the G-spot is more deeply. Women’s stimulation usually needs a longer time to accumulate, with multiple orgasms. To obtain a series of orgasms must a long time and intensity of stimulation.

if your woman has a sensitive point eager to be licking and touch, so it around activities, try not to touch this point (unless occasionally encounter one or two times). This can let her try to drag after orgasm, but once the final climax comes, it will be a strong times than usual climax.

The mysterious


women’s cervical usually over her Y tract, it feels a bit like the dome of the thin tissue, sometimes central will have a small crack, like chin. Be careful in stimulating cervical of the surrounding area, which she will be very welcome, hope you so often, but there are exceptions.

lift your veil

Y pedicle is a special organ, it than any part of men’s Y stem are much more sensitive, you can’t be careless with rough hand to caress there. Gently push and pull cover the Y pedicle on the hijab, across the >

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